Pediatric Eye Care

Eye care should begin at a young age to ensure that their eyes are forming and growing properly. For those children that have eye issues or that need a prescription, a pediatric eye exam can make a huge difference.


What is a Pediatric Eye Exam?

For those looking for an eye exam for children, Carlson-Tillisch Eye Clinic can help. Taking a child to the eye doctor can be stressful both for the parent and the child. Pediatric eye exams can help to find a range of different issues that might befall a child in regards to their eyes. Eye exams for young children begin with a visual inspection, much like would happen with an adult. Since children may have trouble telling their doctor if they are having issues with their vision, it is always helpful to find a doctor with the equipment to help read prescriptions and find out just what is going on.

Optometrists have tests to help determine if the child has good hand eye coordination or if there are other issues that the child might not be able to voice. They do stereoacuity test make sure that children can detect the difference in depth and that they can see in binocular vision.

Optometrists also use a series of shapes to determine if the child can see rather than the standard letters that are used with adults. Overall, this process is very involved and very in depth to make sure that all avenues have been researched and to make sure that if there is an issue, it is caught early on. A child’s eyes are going to keep changing and growing and early detection of issues can lead to healthier eyes as an adult.

How Early Should a Child have an Eye Exam?

Eye exams for children should start at around four or five years of age unless there are different issues that you are experiencing. If you notice that you child has vision problems such as pink eye or a lazy eye, you should being your child to Carlson-Tillisch Eye Clinic immediately. Most children have their first true eye exam at the age of five when they enter school. It is always best to speak with your child’s pediatrician to determine if they need an earlier exam or if they can wait until they are five.

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