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If you are ready to make the leap from eyeglasses to contact lenses, or are looking to change your existing contact lenses, you will need to have a contact lens exam with an eye doctor or an optometrist. Many people are unfamiliar with the nuances of contacts. Our staff at Carlson-Tillisch Eye Clinic wants you to understand the intricacies of contacts and how they can improve your enjoyment of daily activities. The following are the answers to some questions we frequently hear at our office.

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Is a Contact Lens Exam the Same As an Eye Exam?

A contact lens exam is not the same as an eye exam. An eye exam should be done prior to or in addition to a contact lens exam. A contact lens exam specifically has to do with fitting you for the right type of contact lenses and ensuring your new lenses work for you and fit your eye properly. 

What is a Done During a Contact Lens Exam? 

During a contact lens exam, the first thing that will be done is to determine if you can wear contact exams. A tear film evaluation may be conducted by an eye care professional to ensure you have enough tears to lubricate your eye and comfortably wear contact lenses.

The next thing that will occur is a test that measures your eyes' surface. This is important as it helps to determine what size contacts you need and which type may be ideal for you. 

The optometrist will then discuss what your wants and needs are in a contact. If you prefer disposable contacts or colored contacts, now is the time to speak up. Once all of this information is obtained, an optometrist will be able to determine will provide you with a contact prescription that is ideal for your eyes. 

In many cases, the doctor will be able to provide you with a trial pair of the contact lenses you were given a prescription for. They will ask you to put them in, and then ensure they fit your eye properly and that your vision has improved with them on. 

Why Do I Need a Follow-Up Contact Lens Exam? 

Most optometrists will ask you to schedule a follow-up contact lens exam after you have been wearing the lenses for 7 to ten days. The doctor wants to ensure that the lenses fit you correctly, that they are meeting your needs and that you are not experiencing any issues with the lenses. 

Are you tired of wearing glasses? Would you prefer to wear contact lenses instead? Here at Carlson-Tillisch Eye Clinic, we can help you determine if you are a candidate for contact lenses, determine your contact lens prescription and fit you for contact lenses that will improve your vision while still being comfortable. Contact either our Mankato or New Ulm, Minnesota offices today to schedule an appointment with our optometrist for a contact lens exam.  You can call our Mankato office at 507-345-5087 or our New Ulm location at 507-354-7407 today!


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