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The prospect of using contact lenses is an exciting one for new wearers. These corrective vision tools provide crisp and clear vision without changing the appearance of the face in the process. The first step in obtaining contact lenses for yourself is to contact our optometrists at Carlson-Tillisch Eye Clinic. Our eye doctors provides vision care to those who live in the Mankato and New Ulm areas. Here is some information about what you can expect during a contact lens exam during your optometry appointment.

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Your Eye Health Is Documented and Discussed

Before your eyes are checked, our optometrists will have you fill out some paperwork asking you to provide information about your eye health and current vision. Make sure to indicate whether you use any type of medication as well as any medical conditions you have. These points are necessary to ensure that our eye doctors does not prescribe medication that could have a reaction with any of the medications that you are already taking. Our optometrists will want to know if you are experiencing any vision troubles so that during your eye examination, our eye doctors can check your eyes in detail.

Your Eyes Are Check for Problems

Our optometry team will conduct several eye tests to check for conditions that may require treatment. This includes checking your peripheral vision, looking at the eyes for abnormalities, and ruling out the possibility of eye diseases. These tests are non-invasive and will not cause you any pain. If our optometrists does find a condition requiring intervention, they will be able to discuss with you about your treatment options.

Your Prescription and Measurements Are Obtained

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows our doctors of optometry to check your vision, the health of your eyes, and help find the correct prescription strength to your contact lenses. In addition to your comprehensive eye exam, our eye doctors will have to perform a few additional tests to check your vision with contacts. Our optometrist will check the surface of your eyes and measure them.  Once your eyes are measured, our eye doctors may have you wear a pair of sample contact lenses. This is to make sure that your contacts are measured correctly and that they fit in your eye. We do not want your contacts to slide off while you wear them. Our optometrist will then tell you when your contacts should arrive.

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